Jason Blum Confirms That ‘Halloween Kills’ Is Coming Out Next Year, ‘Vaccine Or No Vaccine’

It’s nice to think that by this time next year, there will be a vaccine for COVID-19 and we’ll be able to go back to concerts and sporting events without concern for health. Nice, and possibly unrealistic. But no matter what happens with the virus — whether we find a cure and even if we do, if anything can afford it — at least our other national crisis will be resolved: Halloween Kills is coming out in 2021, “vaccine or no vaccine.” Phew (?).

Jason Blum told Forbes that he has no intention of delaying the sequel to 2018’s Halloween again (it was originally scheduled to come out on October 16, but due to the pandemic, it was pushed back to October 2021). “If this is still going on next Halloween? No, we’re not holding it,” the Blumhouse producer said. “Halloween Kills is coming out next October come hell or high water, vaccine or no vaccine. It is coming out.” I’ll admit that it’s extremely weird not seeing horror movies in a theater around Halloween (so much popcorn is not being dropped on the floor in a comical fashion), but at least there’s still drive-ins. And, as Blum explained, there’s always premium video-on-demand:

“I think PVOD will ultimately be great for a movie-going. I think that after there’s a vaccine, and it’s safe to go back to movie theaters again, you’ll see a lot more movies and movie theaters playing for a lot shorter time. Those things are connected because there’ll be room for more. The theatrical audience is always complaining that all there is in the movie theaters is horror movies and tentpoles. I think that’s all going to change. Honestly, for those of us who make movies and love movies, I think that’s great.”

Michael Myers: an early mask-wearing warrior.

The next Blumhouse title, The Craft: Legacy, comes out on October 28.

(Via Forbes)