A ‘Halloween Kills’ Teaser Appears To Show How Michael Myers Survived ‘Halloween’

It was this time last year that Halloween was doing gangbusters at the box office. David Gordon Green’s direct sequel to the original Halloween made $76.2 million during its first weekend of release and $255.5 million overall, making it the highest-grossing film in the series. There’s no Laurie Strode and Michael Myers this year, but they’ll be back for Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends in 2020 and 2021, respectively, even though the last time we saw not-Austin Powers, he was trapped in the basement of a burning house. If you’re asking, “How did he survive?” you’ve clearly never seen a horror movie before. Michael, Jason, Freddy — they’ve all faced much worse than fire; hell, Jason went to space AND he took Manhattan, and he’s still out there, murdering horny teens.

As for Michael: Jamie Lee Curtis shared behind-the-scenes footage from Halloween Kills (“‘Tis the season….. to start screaming,” she tweeted. “First look at the mayhem David has created for all of you”), and it appears to show the simple way he got out of the basement. Look at 0:14 into the clip — Michael can be seen on the porch of Laurie’s still-burning house, menacingly holding an axe. He’s got an axe to grind… into Laurie’s head.

Halloween Kills opens on October 16, 2020.