‘Hamilton’ Dominated The Streaming Ratings This Summer, According To A New Study

The Hamilton movie — which is to say the extremely immersive live recording of the blockbuster musical with its original cast — only dropped on Disney+ less than a month ago, and though we already knew it was a hit, we may not have been able to guess by how much. As per Variety, a new study claims it was the most popular piece of content on all streamers, and by a ton, mopping the floor with everything, even the heavy-hitters.

The study — which, by the way, is too be taken with a quarry of salt, given that streamers only release data when it makes them look good — has it that during the month of July the Hamilton film was responsible for 37% of viewership. For contrast, second place goes to old episodes of Unsolved Mysteries, available on Netflix, which has about a third of that, or 13.7% to be exact. America’s rapping founding fathers also conquered Charlize Theron’s The Old Guard (10.6%), Amazon’s Hanna show (9.6%), Andy Samberg’s Palm Springs (8.1%), even fellow Disney+ content Frozen 2 (down in 9th place with 6.6%).

Here’s another bit of context: The top draw in June was Space Force, the Netflix show with Steve Carell. That claimed a mere 8.3% of the viewership during a month when the numbers were a but more evenly distributed.

So what’s the takeaway? People really, really, really like Lin-Manuel’s take on the United State’s first Secretary of the Treasury. Of course, that you already knew.

(Via Variety)