Watching Henry Cavill Build A Computer Is More Entertaining Than ‘Justice League’

On the outside, Henry Cavill looks every bit as ripped as one would expect from the Man of Steel in the flesh, but his hardore nerdery knows no bounds. He tears into source material to prepare for roles with a vengeance. That includes video games and graphic novels; you name it, he’ll put his hands (and mind) all over it. And with a month or so left to kill before The Witcher resumes production, he’s using that time to get things done around the house — in between workouts, naturally — and these things just happen to include building a PC.

Watching him do so (and yes, he kindly provided a visual) is… something to behold. It’s certainly more entertaining than Joss Whedon’s version of Justice League that landed in theaters. Yes, I said it! Feel free to argue that point all day long, but the jury will (of course) remain out on the Snyder Cut’s quality until it arrives in 2021. For now, consider yourself forewarned by Cavill himself. In a video that gets down to Barry White tunes, Cavill is showing off “All The Parts.” Oh boy: “This kind of material isn’t for everyone…. viewer direction is advised. You may see a lot of parts that you haven’t seen before.”

As one top commenter notes, “He’s good with his hands.” They’re not wrong.