‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Gets An Honest Trailer Just In Time For Its IMAX Teaser Debut

The newest Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies veers into new territory: their first honest teaser. And what better material to cut their teeth on than the leaked-then-made-official teaser for Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice?

“Get ready to debate a teaser that will probably bring more drama than the movie itself.”

Just as the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice teaser opened with voiceovers from recognizable voices like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Jesse Eisenberg, this honest teaser opens with a bunch of DC and Marvel fans arguing over the teaser itself (and we won’t ruin the jokes that come after the opening). We distinctly recognized Patton Oswalt’s voice ranting about brooding superheroes, and we even recognized which video it was from, an interview from last month that is well worth watching. The rant about brooding heroes comes at 5:20.

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Via Screen Junkies