Hugh Jackman Took It All Off (Except For The Boots) In A New Ad, And Ryan Reynolds Didn’t Miss A Beat

Because 2020 hasn’t been strange enough, Hugh Jackman appears in a new ad for R.M. Williams, which features the Wolverine actor wearing literally nothing but the British company’s boots.

In the cheeky spot shared to Jackman’s Twitter account, an ad exec tries to explain to a very naked Jackman that he took the company’s instructions to “only wear R.M. Williams” a bit too literally. Unfortunately, Jackman isn’t concerned at all that he’s giving away quite the show as he marvels at the boots while completely missing the point of the meeting. You’re either going to thank God for video blurring or curse him because the spot doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination.

You can watch the full video below:

Never one to miss a beat thanks to his ongoing “feud” with Jackman, Ryan Reynolds was quick to hop in the comments with a terrifying realization: “Is that the chair from my office?”

Making headlines for being in the buff seems to be a recurring trend for Jackman. When X-Men: Days of Future Past made its Disney+ debut, the actor celebrated a milestone for the streaming service. It was the first film to air uncensored, which means the nude shot of Jackman’s chiseled, time-traveling butt is clear to see. Jackman commemorated the moment on Instagram with a self-deprecating joke about the ravages of time.

“Days Of Future Past becomes the first movie to air on Disney+ uncensored,” Jackman wrote. “That was my future but let’s be honest… it’s more like my past.”

The actor also included a clip of the infamous nude scene, but with some cleverly placed emoji. You can see the full post below:

(Via Hugh Jackman on Twitter)