Here’s Everything Coming To And Leaving Hulu In October 2017, Including ‘Election’ And All The Godzilla

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09.19.17 2 Comments

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It’s a good time to be Hulu. The mid-September Emmys telecast saw The Handmaid’s Tale rack up several trophies in significant categories, and if the newly announced original and licensed acquisitions for October are any indication, the streaming service’s good fortune can only get better. Classic comedies like Alexander Payne’s Election and a new politically poignant original series by comedian Sarah Silverman will join Hulu’s ranks, as well as a whole lot of Godzilla movies and one of the largest single-month television and film additions in recent memory.


Election (10/1)

Before Reese Witherspoon was Legally Blonde and Matthew Broderick became one of The Producers, the pair squared off in Downsizing director Alexander Payne’s black comedy Election. The 1999 film pitted popular social studies teacher Jim McAllister (Broderick) against the overachieving student Tracy Flick (Witherspoon) during their high school’s annual student body election. At the time, Payne’s dramedy didn’t perform all that well at the box office, but critics loved it. What’s more, the surprisingly bleak comedy film helped launch the director’s career and garnered Witherspoon a Golden Globe nomination.

A Lot Of Godzilla (10/1)

In early August, the movie world mourned the death of Haruo Nakajima, the first actor to don the rubber “Godzilla” suit for the destructive creature’s first string of movies. Nearly two months later, fans of Nakajima and the many sequels and reboots his performance inspired can celebrate his legacy by binge-watching a slew of movies Hulu will add to its roster. The first American version from 1998 is chief among the additions, though several more recent Japanese revivals that eschew CGI in favor of Nakajima-like suits will also be available for viewing.

I Love You, America (10/12)

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In her recent comedy special A Speck of Dust, Sarah Silverman took a startlingly different approach to politics. She spent much of the hour (and her conversation with Uproxx) trying to understand wildly different points of view and the sometimes combative people who hold them. Hence her upcoming Hulu series I Love You, America, a hybrid show that sounds like a cross between Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal. When the program was announced in March, it was described as something that would “discuss the current political” and “emotional landscape of the country.”


Beverly Hills Ninja (9/30)

What more is there to say about Beverly Hills Ninja that hasn’t already been said? One of the few Chris Farley movies not to feature fellow Saturday Night Live cast member David Spade in a supporting role, the comedy doesn’t always hold up too well. However, the inclusion of Mortal Kombat star Robin Shou, a notable Chris Rock cameo, and several other highlights render a special place for the movie in the Farley pantheon. Plus, watching the slapstick genius work during the height of his career is always a treat.

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