Idina Menzel Sent A Message To A Young Ukrainian Girl Who Sang ‘Let It Go’ From ‘Frozen’ In A Bomb Shelter

A video of a young Ukrainian girl singing “Let It Go” in a bomb shelter has been making the rounds on the internet as the world watches the horrifying events unfold in Ukraine. During a small moment of hope, a young girl is seen performing a stunning rendition of the inspirational song, which has now been seen by millions.

The video recently caught the attention of Idina Menzel, aka Elsa from Frozen. Menzel shared the video with the caption: “We see you. We really, really see you” along with yellow and blue hearts.

The video was shared on Facebook by Marta Smekhova, a woman who has been staying in the shelter with other families. The young Ukrainian girl, named Amelia, sang the iconic song in her native language, which included the lyrics “I’m not afraid of anything anymore,” and brought the group of adults in the room to tears, as she performed standing on a chair. “She told me that she loves to sing,” Smekhova said in a Facebook post. “From her first word in the bomb shelter, there was complete silence. … Everyone put down what they were doing and listened to the song.” Other Frozen stars also shared the video, including Josh Gad, the voice of the lovable snowman, Olaf.

The performance even caught the attention of Frozen songwriter Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who applauded Amelia for her bravery. Anderson-Lopez and her husband wrote Let It Go for the 2013 Disney film. “My husband and I wrote this song as part of a story about healing a family in pain,” she tweeted. “The way you sing it is like a magic trick that spreads the light in your heart and heals everyone who hears it. Keep singing! We are listening!”