‘Incognito’ May Be Headed To The Big Screen

If you’re a supervillain who turns state’s evidence… what happens to you? Ed Brubaker and his frequent collaborator Sean Phillips decided to answer that question with Incognito, and it may be Sony’s next superhero movie.

Incognito follows Zack Overkill, a “science villain” living in a world where pulp heroes like Doc Savage and the Shadow existed… and he used to kill them for a villain called The Black Death. He turns on his boss and gets witness protection, of a sort: He has to take drugs to remove his powers and work in the mail room of a bland office. He hates his job, he hates his life, so he starts doing drugs… only to find that they’re bringing back his powers.

It’s got more than a few turns beyond that, of course; there’s much more to Zack than even he realizes, and, needless to say, having both pulp heroes and supervillains on your ass doesn’t do much for keeping things quiet. Sony appears to be tapping Fede Alvarez, recently of the Evil Dead remake, and he’s a good choice. After all, he introduced himself with a short film that was exceptionally pulpy.

Hopefully Brubaker will be involved in at least overseeing the script; part of the reason it works so well is his absolute refusal to laugh at even the cheesiest aspects of pulp. After all, it doesn’t matter how goofy the guy in the robot octopus looks… he’s still going to kill you if you don’t get out of his way.

(Via Bleeding Cool)