‘It: Chapter Two’ Star Bill Skargard Says It’s ‘Surreal’ To Play Pennywise With Actual Adults Now

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07.17.18 4 Comments

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It: Chapter Two has been filming in the Toronto area for nearly a month with a new cast playing an adult version of the “Losers Club,” including Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader. As for Pennywise himself, Bill Skarsgard is on hand to bring the horrific alien clown back to life. In an upcoming interview with Collider about another Stephen King property, Hulu’s Castle Rock, the actor described how “surreal” it was to be playing the character again. Not only because he was working alongside adults this time, but also because of LeBron James’ 2017 Halloween costume:

“This time around, because the movie became such a phenomenon, it’s almost like I’m re-adapting myself. The character became very iconic. Pennywise became a star. You see Instagram posts of people dressing up or dressing their kids as Pennywise for Halloween. It’s all over the place. LeBron James was Pennywise. How surreal is that? So, it became this completely universal thing, outside of the thing. That’s not me. I can’t even relate myself to it anymore. And now that I’m going back and doing it, it’s such a bizarre thing.”

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