‘It Chapter Two’ Is Going To Terrorize Select Theaters With A Bunch Of ‘Clowns Only’ Screenings

Warner Bros.

It Chapter One made a lot of money at the box office, and its upcoming sequel is expected to do the same — despite the fact that it’s based on an iconic Stephen King novel about a murderous entity that takes the shape of a clown. Even so, the artisan theater chain Alamo Drafthouse has announced that it’s going to host another series of “clowns only” screenings for the sequel’s opening weekend.

“We terrified coulrophobes with sold-out Clowns Only screenings of Stephen King’s IT: CHAPTER ONE in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Phoenix, Omaha, and Brooklyn. Folks took notice,” the company announced on its website. “Are they back for the concluding chapter of Stephen King’s magnum opus? Oh yes.” Sure enough, tickets are now on sale for the special (and especially horrifying) screenings in locations across the United States. So, whether you’re based in Austin, Houston, Los Angeles, Denver, St. Louis or New York, you’ve got options.

Or, at least you will until these unique cinema-viewing experiences are completely sold out. And judging by the success of the “clowns only” screenings for It Chapter One, chances are pretty good that the It Chapter Two edition of this frightening feature presentation will last about as long as a lonely child in the town of Derry, Maine.

(Via Alamo Drafthouse)