Natalie Portman Will Leave You Speechless In The Stunning ‘Jackie’ Trailer

It’s been just over a decade since Natalie Portman lost the will to live in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. Since then, her career has gone on a unique path. She’s starred in two Marvel movies (Thor and Thor: The Dark World), because every famous person in Hollywood is required to appear in at least one. She’s been in romantic comedies (No Strings Attached), stoner comedies (Your Highness), long-delayed passion projects (Knight of Cups and Jane Got a Gun), and won an Academy Award for Black Swan, arguably her last must-see movie. She’ll go for Oscar number two in Jackie, but as our own Mike Ryan wrote in his glowing review from TIFF, don’t call it a comeback.

Natalie Portman so embodies the role of Jackie Kennedy that there were times I found myself thinking, What’s Jackie Kennedy doing hanging around a contemporary actor from 2016? I could have used a specific co-star in that last sentence, but it would sound like I’m being disparaging to anyone I mentioned. That’s not my point. My point is Portman is just that good. (Via)

Portman not only looks like the stunning Jackie Kennedy, but she embodies the former First Lady’s bruised elegance, especially in the scenes following her husband John F. Kennedy’s assassination. It’s a nice reminder that Portman is one hell of an actress. When she’s not talking about liberty dying, that is. Jackie is released into select theaters on Dec. 2.

(If anyone wants to add a Dead Kennedys song, preferably “Rambozo the Clown,” to the trailer, that would be much appreciated.)