A ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Fan Has Messaged James Gunn With The Same Weird Demand ‘Multiple Times A Week’ For Years

The Guardians of the Galaxy movies have a sarcastic raccoon; a green girl; a blue guy; a bug lady; shirtless Dave Bautista; and a walking tree voiced by Vin Diesel. What more could you want? If you’re the person who has messaged James Gunn every day for the past two years, a ferret.

“This person has been messaging me on IG multiple times a week for well over two years,” the Guardians and The Suicide Squad writer and director tweeted, adding photographic proof of the fan’s request. It reads, “So will u put a FERRET in GOTG3? (I KNOW YOU SAW THIS) 😊 I’m from STL too, do it for the HOMIES!”

Come on, James Gunn, add a ferret to Guardians 3 for the homies in St. Louis!

My Marvel knowledge is rusty, but apparently there’s a detective nicknamed “The Ferret” in the comics. “Dennis Piper eventually changed careers and became a private detective/crime writer under the assumed name Leslie Lenrow. His detective work earned him the nickname ‘Ferret’ for his ability to ‘ferret’ out criminals,” the Marvel Fandom wiki reads. “He often beat the local police in solving crimes, gaining him some notoriety with the police. He adopted a pet Ferret named Nosey who sometimes helped him in his cases.” A crime-solving ferret? Think of all the wacky adventures he and Rocket could go on. In fact, give them a standalone movie. Chris Pratt is busy anyway.

As for the identity of the ferret demander:

I guess I’ll have to re-watch Loki to see if there’s a Ferret Loki.

(Via Insider)