James Ransone, Who Plays Eddie In ‘It Chapter Two,’ Wants To Be Your Next Dom DeLuise

Warner Bros.

James Ransone plays Eddie in It Chapter Two, taking over for Jack Dylan Grazer who played young Eddie in the first film and during flashbacks in this sequel. Speaking to James Ransone is, well, quite the experience! Instead of trying to explain – other than to point out he was tipped off before the interview that I like the movie The Cannonball Run – let’s just get on with the proceedings.

James Ransone: I heard you like The Cannonball Run.

Of all the movies I like that’s a strange one to pick.

Would that not be your go-to? Like who you are? Encapsulating you?

Well, I don’t…

But I’m more of a Smokey and the Bandit guy.

I love any movie about trying to get Coors from Texas to Georgia.

We need to bring back some of those movies, man.

You should pitch something that involves a CB.

They’re not going to listen to me. Hey Warner Bros., you like trucks? What was the Stephen King movie that he directed?

Maximum Overdrive.

Maximum Overdrive. I’m like, dude, we need to pitch a Southern version of Maximum Overdrive. Like a Kris Kristofferson mashup. You guys own all the rights to the Stephen King property. Here’s my idea.

People don’t realize how big a star Burt Reynolds was at the time for The Cannonball Run.

No, people don’t. He was fucking massive.

It would be like today if Tom Cruise did a movie like that.

This is what I’m trying to tell you, man! If this clown movie can parley me into the Dom DeLuise era of my career, I’ll fucking take that shit.

That’s your goal? Your goal is to be our new Dom DeLuise?

Yeah. I can just stand around and laugh at fucking Burt Reynolds. That sounds so awesome. I don’t give a shit. I’ll be there with spaghetti sauce all over my shirt.

Well, that’s all I have. This was great.

All right. Good to talk to you.

Here’s my transition into It Chapter Two.

Okay. I’m ready.

That Pennywise guy, he’s bad news.

Yeah. I’m not going to disagree with you. Hader and I talked about this, which is, if somebody called me to be like, “Will you come back?” I’d be like, “No, I’m just gonna deal with it.” There’s so much other bullshit, I’m not going back there. No, I’ll ride this out to the end.