Please Enjoy Jason Momoa Going For A Naked Bike Ride After Chugging A Beer

Yesterday, I was so distracted by quotes like “I was absolutely baffled that Aquaman was received so well” and “Han Solo! Indiana Jones! Bro!” that I neglected to mention the most important part of the time that Men’s Health spent with Jason Momoa: his naked bike ride.

In “Jason Momoa Shows Off His Gym & Fridge,” the Fast X star, well, shows off his gym and fridge — and his body. The video begins with Momoa answering the door while holding a Guinness and wearing nothing but a pink robe; his genitals are censored by a bottle of his liquor, Meili Vodka. Later, he shows his fridge, the contents of which include more beer, more vodka, and ham. “Gotta have the pork,” Momoa says. Speaking of meat…

At one point, Momoa shows off his variety of mountain and riding bikes before deciding to hop on one completely in the nude. “Yeah I like to mountain bike, like to go downhill fast,” Momoa says as he bumps up and down on his bike with — once again — a Meili bottle graphic covering his private parts. The Game of Thrones alum then continues riding in circles around his rustic gym and eventually flashes the camera with his bare bum on the bike seat.

Momoa also showed off his record collection, which includes albums from Howlin’ Wolf, Nirvana, and Slayer. He’s never been more relatable (mostly the Slayer-listening, beer-drinking part, not so much the nude bike riding).

You can watch “Jason Momoa Shows Off His Gym & Fridge” (which could be the title of an SNL sketch) above.