Jason Momoa And Another ‘Justice League’ Actor Tease More Glimpses Of The Snyder Cut

Last weekend, Aquaman star Jason Momoa amped things up in his ongoing promotion for Justice League director Zack Snyder’s apparent cut of the film when he declared “the public needs to see it.” Obviously, Momoa isn’t officially promoting the long-rumored (and recently-confirmed) original cut of the film, which was abandoned in favor of director Joss Whedon’s reshoots when Snyder had to step away for personal reasons. But this hasn’t stopped him from singing Snyder and his version’s praises — like when he shared a supposed photo from the “Snyder Cut” on Instagram.

Complete with the seemingly requisite hashtag #releasethesnydercut and an “aloha,” Momoa’s post featured a black and white shot of his Arthur Curry stabbing the film’s villain, Steppenwolf, through the chest with his trident.

If you’ve seen the version of Justice League that hit theaters and home release, then you probably know that what the above image is depicting… never happened. Sure, Aquaman and Steppenwolf squared off numerous times throughout the movie, and they did come to blows during the final fight, but Curry never managed to successfully spear the invader.

Of course, as loud and frequent as Momoa’s posts about the Justice League Snyder cut have been, he’s not the only actor who’s been promoting the online movement. Ray Fisher, who played the film’s version of Cyborg, also chimed in with an Instagram post featuring his character, Victor Stone, before his cybernetic enhancements.

“When you overhear your dean refer to your mom as ‘Mrs.’ instead of ‘Dr.’ and you know he’s about to get DESTROYED!” read the post. The image itself didn’t reveal anything as drastically different as Momoa’s did, though it does point toward the supposed wealth of material that Snyder shot to flesh out the film’s other characters who hadn’t already received their own films by then.