Jason Momoa Will Bring ‘The Crow’ Remake Back From The Dead

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You’d think, in an era where even obscure comics like Suicide Squad can become record-shattering box office hits, that a reboot of James O’Barr’s The Crow would already be in front of cameras. Yet despite O’Barr’s confidence in the team behind it, when we last checked in, the movie had no cast and the production company behind it, Relativity, was bankrupt. But it may have found new life thanks to Jason Momoa.

Momoa, who’s already signed on to play Aquaman in Justice League and a solo movie, is allegedly in talks to take over the starring role. They point out that Momoa, possibly the most positive human being in Hollywood this side of Vin Diesel, has been hanging out with the remake’s director, Corin Hardy. And he seems genuinely excited, which is what filmmakers want from their casts.

Still, questions are likely to linger, not least because it’s not clear who’s paying for this movie. Relativity is out of bankruptcy, but it no longer has its profitable TV arm to fall back on, and its upcoming slate doesn’t seem likely to give it the kind of clout it needs to put out a big-budget superhero movie. But we’ll see what happens as Momoa works out just how he’ll juggle being the king of Atlantis and brought back from the dead.

(Via Mashable)