Jason Momoa Is Losing His Mind In ‘Gnarly’ Quarantine While Showing Off His Guitars To Trevor Noah

Jason Momoa was recently living the decadent breakfast life in Detroit, but this week? A whole new setting, and it’s not nearly as tasty, probably. The Aquaman star traveled into Canada, where he’s presumably preparing to finish See‘s second season for Apple TV+. And because Canada’s taking this whole pandemic thing seriously, Lisa Bonet’s husband must quarantine all by himself for two weeks. In other words, Jason Momoa is not lifting weights with Lenny Kravitz in the Bahamas, like many of us would prefer to spend isolation time. Instead, he’s confined to a small house. As Momoa confessed to Trevor Noah while calling into The Daily Show on Monday, he’s “going out of my mind.”

Officially, Momoa was on hand to discuss the new documentary, Gather, which he executive produced while hoping to shine light on hardships faced by indigenous communities. The film, which spotlights the vital issue of food sovereignty, is only one example of Momoa’s ongoing activism, and he profusely thanked Noah for watching the film while suggesting that not all interviewers go to such lengths.

The man who embodied Khal Drogo then proceeded to be far too relatable, despite checking into the video feed while wearing a helmet. A helmet for what? No one knows, since Momoa admitted that he’s got “a bike that I can’t ride” while in quarantine. He called the process “gnarly,” and I think many people can agree with what he’s going through right now. However, not all of us have a ton of cool guitars and a drum set to amuse us during this down time. It’s always a blast to watch Momoa fanboy over music, so if you’re at all inclined, you won’t be disappointed to watch the full video above.