Jason Momoa Was Nicknamed ‘The Little Mermaid’ By His Netflix Co-Star For A Fitting Reason

Aquaman star Jason Momoa is used to buckling down and taking all of the “talking to fish” jokes as the DCEU’s Arthur Curry, but his Netflix co-star is now dubbing him as “The Little Mermaid,” so there might be some talking to crabs in his future, too. As part of Netflix’s Geeked Week, which will be chock full of announcements, trailers, special appearances, and all things geeky, Momoa appeared in a two-way quiz with the Isabela Merced, his co-star in the upcoming Sweet Girl film.

The title of the film doesn’t go too far explain that this is a revenge movie, and Momoa’s a bit of a John Wick but protecting his daughter, rather than a dog, while aiming for justice against those who killed his wife. Well, Momoa had his hands full with Merced, who sounds like she gave him a hard time about all his dude-collectible stuff. And yup, she even calls him “The Little Mermaid,” given his shared habit with Ariel for collecting “gizmos,” “whatsits,” and “thingamabobs,” all associated with memories that are near and dear. A bit of a roasting goes down at 3:15 in the below video.

“I call him The Little Mermaid… He collects all this stuff, and it’s usually old stuff,” Merced remarked. “He likes it when it looks like it’s been used a bunch.” How did Momoa respond? “Dead on, you got me.” Please say that Momoa has a closet full of scrunchies somewhere. Or at least a drawer full. That’s really not too much of an ask.