Kevin Smith Wanted To Make ‘Clerks 3’ Or ‘Mallrats 2,’ But Settled For A ‘Jay And Silent Bob’ Sequel

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Kevin Smith’s highest-grossing film (when adjusted for inflation) is Dogma, followed by Cop Out (his shot at the mainstream that did not go well) and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Somewhat surprisingly, Clerks and Mallrats, his two best-known (and most-adored) projects, rank near the bottom, with a combined box office gross of just over $10 million. With that in mind, it’s no wonder we’re getting a new Jay and Silent Bob movie over Clerks 3 or Mallrats 2.

Jason Mewes, who plays Jay to Smith’s Silent Bob, told Laughspin that pre-production on Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot is set to begin this January, then they’ll “start shooting in February in New Orleans.” Smith originally planned to make a third Clerks movie, and “we literally were where we are now [on Reboot] where we had the money,” Mewes said. But Jeff Anderson wasn’t interested in reprising his role as Randall, so Smith moved onto Mallrats 2.

Again, there was an issue.

“Then we were going to do Mallrats 2. Kevin wrote [a sequel to] Mallrats. We started making plans. We got people going, ‘Hey, we got the money.’ But then Universal owns the rights, and Universal’s like, ‘We’ve never given a title back to anybody. We don’t want to make the movie.’ That’s what Universal said. So we went, ‘Okay, you don’t have to make it. Can we make it? We have the money. We have all the resources we need.’ And they were like, ‘No. We’ve never given a title we own back to somebody.’ So they wouldn’t let us make it. So we had to pass on that. (Via)

Mewes revealed that Reboot will feature social media jokes and a “more mature Jay and Silent Bob,” while Smith (who changed the script following his weight loss) teased on his podcast that the sequel is “completely fucking different” than Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. “It’s a movie that makes fun of sequels and remakes and reboots while being all three at the same time,” he said.

Maybe Mark Hamill can return. He’s got the time.

(Via Laughspin)