A Campaign For Jeff Goldblum To Appear In An ‘SNL’ Fly-Themed Skit Is Gaining Steam After The VP Debate

To many people’s surprise, the 2020 Vice Presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris turned out to be… entertaining? Yes. The American people are so stressed out that Pence’s grody “pink eye” became a huge topic of conversation before that massive fly (literally) invaded his headspace, which allowed Joe Biden’s campaign to troll like bosses. The Fly felt like a stress-relieving balm after so much of, well, 2020, and people would like to keep that feeling alive.

The man who can keep it going, of course, would be the star of David Cronenberg’s The Fly (1986): Jeff Goldblum. The Jurassic Park star soon began to trend heavily, which led to this recirculated clip of him “finding out” the news that he “won the #VPDebate” (it’s actually footage from the D23 red carpet, where he was the last to find out about the Marvel Studios-Sony Spider-Man divorce). It’s satisfying stuff.

Bob Saget chimed in with a dad joke about The Fly getting its own Netflix show.

Given that SNL returned to the studio last week, debate viewers soon began to demand that Lorne Michaels seize the opportunity and extend an invite for, say, a cold-open appearance. Last week’s ratings bump could only continue as a result.

Of course, someone started to spread the rumor that the deal had already been sealed.

Cronenberg references on Twitter aren’t something you see every day, but they’re welcome.

However, perhaps this Jurassic Park reference said it best, though.