Jeremy Renner Says He Borrowed His Hawkeye Costume To Wear To His Daughter’s School (And Probably Won’t Be Giving It Back)

While Avengers star Jeremy Renner managed to maintain his rule-abiding and theft-free reputation on-set for quite some time, much like the character he portrays, he’s now proving he’s got a bit of a rebellious streak in ‘em. In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Hawkeye star confessed he has officially taken home his first item from set: his Hawkeye suit.

Of course, Renner was quick to defend his actions, explaining the harmless situation that led to him obtaining the suit, as well as pointing out his co-star’s penchants for taking prop items home with them:

“Over the decade or so of doing ‘The Avengers’ and stuff, I never took anything, because they asked us not to and my mom taught me well, so I never took anything, right? And then all the other Avengers took stuff! Those dirtbags, they stole something! Like, Thor’s got his hammer!”

Kimmel then laughed and doubled-down on what Renner was saying, telling the star he’s seen numerous “Mjölnirs lying around” Chris Hemsworth’s home. However, ever the on-set good guy, Renner says he didn’t straight up take the suit like his fellow superhero squad members might have. Instead, Renner explained the volunteer system at his daughter’s school to the studio, expressed interest in wearing his superhero get-up during his turn to help out, and then simply asked the studio if he could borrow it. The studio then allowed him to take home his costume from his upcoming Disney+ series, and so far, hasn’t asked for it back. Though even if they do, Renner admits he most likely won’t be returning it.

“I don’t know if they’re going to ask for it back, I probably won’t give it back at this point. But I got it finally.”

According to Renner, he still hasn’t gotten the chance to wear the costume yet. He then proceeded to joke that even when he does, he doesn’t expect his young daughter to be very impressed with his outfit, telling Kimmel “she barely knows I’m Hawkeye” and will probably accuse him of wearing pajamas.

You can catch Renner in his pajamas — er, super suit — when the Hawkeye series premieres over on Disney+ on November 24. Set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, in addition to Renner the show stars MCU newcomer Hailee Steinfeld and Black Widow’s Florence Pugh.