Shirtless Jeremy Strong Made A Cameo At The Premiere Of Sebastian Stan’s Donald Trump Movie

Jeremy Strong could not make it to Cannes this year because he is busy being a theater kid alongside Michael Imperioli. But even though the Succession standout couldn’t attend the prestigious film festival, he still found a way to make his non-appearance become the most important Cannes moment since Messi the pup walked up those fancy stairs (that was last week).

Strong and Sebastian Stan star in The Apprentice, which chronicles the early rise of Donald Trump in the ’70s and ’80s. Why? We don’t know. But it’s there and it’s happening.

Even though he could not attend, Strong made his own unique virtual cameo in a new photo from director Ali Abassi. Only he did not have a shirt on, and he was holding up a peace sign. It was almost too similar to what you would expect if you logged onto Tinder in Brooklyn.

It’s unclear if Strong knew the photo would be shared, but it’s out in the world now!! He even could have been acting in the photo. We may never know.

Meanwhile, The Apprentice does not yet have a theatrical release date, but you better believe that it did get an 11-minute standing ovation! Whatever that means these days.