Walton Goggins Is The Greatest Pitchman Of All Time In Hulu’s ‘John Bronco’ Trailer

Sometimes a movie sells itself. That is the case for John Bronco.

The mockumentary stars Justified‘s Walton Goggins as John Bronco, the greatest pitchman of all-time, an international sex symbol who appears on cereal boxes, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and movies with Bo Derek. If that premise — and Goggins naked on the hood of a car, playing an acoustic guitar, or Goggins saying, “I’ve always been a wild horse, and I’m always going to be a wild horse, but I’ll always be John… Bronco” with a wink — doesn’t grab you, I don’t know what to say. Live a little?

Directed by Jake Szymanski (7 Days in Hell and Tour de Pharmacy), John Bronco follows the pitchman who, at the height of his fame, disappeared from public life. “Legendary Spokesman. Pop Culture Icon. Global Phenomenon. All words that can be used to describe John Bronco, the original Ford Bronco pitchman who attained celebrity status many years ago before disappearing in 1996. Where did John Bronco go?” a website supporting the film asks. I don’t know the answer to that, but one thing’s for sure: as Bronco says in the trailer above, “When people think of the Ford Bronco… they will always think of one guy in particular. Me, John Bronco.” Yup, no other cultural associations with the Bronco whatsoever.

John Bronco premieres on Hulu on October 15.