John Krasinski Never Expected To Make A Horror Movie Like ‘A Quiet Place,’ Either

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For John Krasinski, no matter how A Quiet Place does at the box office this weekend (and tracking shows it’s going to do pretty well), this is already a life-changing film for the actor-director. Krasinski has had a lot of success in his career – obviously The Office (which has had a resurgence recently), and also being one of the driving forces behind movies like Manchester by the Sea — but directing a film like this, with this kind of critical response, brings cachet.

Not that you can tell when you’re around Krasinski, who still jokes about not being much of a horror fan, even though he’s just directed one of the best horror movies since Get Out upended the genre over a year ago. And he tries to say he’s not much of a pop culture connoisseur, even though he can rattle off Spies Like Us references without missing a beat. (Oh yeah, this interview goes in some strange directions at times. At one point the obviously false urban legend from the ’80s of Alfonso Ribeiro dying while breakdancing is discussed.)

A Quiet Place is John Krasinski’s third film as a director, and by far his most critically acclaimed. It may come as a surprise to many that he had this kind of horror film inside of him, but, according to Krasinski, it comes from a place of family. And considering he stars in this film alongside his wife, Emily Blunt, that all makes a lot of sense. John Krasinski knows family, and in A Quiet Place, Krasinski and Blunt play parents who will do anything to protect their children from creatures who attack sound.

Ahead, Krasinski explains where this movie did come from. Additionally, he discusses Knight Rider, Spies Like Us, and what states hate John Krasinski – you know, normal topics. Also, Krasinski talks about the resurgence of The Office over the last year, which includes stories he’s heard about teenager Office sleepover parties in his parents’ neighborhood.

John Krasinski: You have an EQ on your recorder. That’s cool. There are levels and bars. It’s like KITT…

Yeah, in the later seasons. Remember the first season? He just had the red square when he spoke.


Who on Knight Rider decided that the red square wasn’t going to cut it?

Yeah, his voice is way cooler with the bars. By the way, the internet can tell us that. They’ll be like, “His name is Dave.”

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