Attention, ‘John Wick’ Fans: A Virtual Reality Game Is Headed Your Way

The excitement for John Wick 2 is gearing up in a big way. Mostly because the hype train from the first movie barely had time to die down before the second installment’s marketing gears really got going. The first teaser trailer for the second movie premiered on Wednesday and now a new major development related to the series has been announced as well.

In an announcement and preview released at New York Comic Con, Lionsgate revealed that they are creating a virtual reality first-person shooter game that will come out in February in conjunction with the movie. According to Variety, the preview was titled John Wick Chronicles: Eye For An Eye, although that doesn’t mean that the game will carry the exact same name. It does, however, give Wickers (I’m just going to assume that what hardcore John Wick fans are called) an easy name to call the series as it blossoms into more than two movies. The John Wick Chronicles really rolls off the tongue.

While the game won’t be out until 2017, you can get a free pre-order of it now when you buy the first movie of the series. If you haven’t already bought it and watch Wick avenge a puppy’s death about 14 times already, that is.

(via Variety)