Johnny Knoxville Will Not Be Letting His Son Follow In His ‘Jackass’ Footsteps

Johnny Knoxville is about to turn 51. He was born during the Nixon administration. He and the Jackass team already retired from their deadly Jackass duties once before, with Jackass 3-D, back in 2010. Obama was still in his first term then — that’s how long ago it was. And yet they all agreed to come back for another punishing entry in the perhaps improbably acclaimed franchise, which got some of them, Knoxville included, injured pretty much right away. And not only is he swearing this one’s their swan song, he’s making sure his son doesn’t follow in dad’s footsteps.

In a new interview with People, Knoxville discussed how one of his three kids, Rocko, who’s 12, is not going to keep the family business going, no matter how much he’d like to.

“My son, he’s got the same gene that my father had and I think that I have, so I definitely want to keep him out of it,” Knoxville said. “I made it very clear to him he won’t be going into the family business.”

Knoxville also sounded pretty sure he, at least, is done doing stunts that have broken just about every bone in his body and left him with something like a dozen-and-a-half concussions.

“My doctor said I can’t take another shot to the head, I’ve had so many concussions,” he said. “I put my family through enough, quite honestly. I don’t think I have anything else to prove.”

It’s true, Knoxville and team have gone above and beyond, destroying their bodies à la Jackie Chan, who has also broken every bone in his body just to entertain us.

Jackass Forever opens on Feb. 4. You can watch Knoxville break down every single injury for Vanity Fair below.

(Via People)