Jordan Peele’s Top Secret Next Movie Has A Release Date And Nothing Else So Far

While details about Jordan Peele’s next film are still under wraps, Universal has announced a release date for the Us and Get Out director’s latest project: July 22, 2022. As Deadline notes, this places the film exactly one week after the new release date for Fantastic Beasts 3, which has been pushed back following the recent forced resignation of Johnny Depp.

Despite the secrecy surrounding Peele’s next project, the writer/director provided a roadmap for his future projects shortly after the success of Get Out, which should provide a taste of what to except from his new film. Via IndieWire:

“I have four other social thrillers that I want to unveil in the next decade,” Peele said at the time. “The best and scariest monsters in the world are human beings and what we are capable of especially when we get together. I’ve been working on these premises about these different social demons, these innately human monsters that are woven into the fabric of how we think and how we interact, and each one of my movies is going to be about a different one of these social demons.”

On top of prepping his new film, Peele also produced the next installment in the heavily-anticipated Candyman franchise, which he chose not to direct based on his faith in Nia DaCosta, and also because Peele prefers tackling his own original stories.

“I’m way too obsessed with the original tales in my head,” Peele told Empire back in April. “I probably wouldn’t be any good. But Nia has a steady manner about her, which you don’t see a lot in the horror space. She’s refined, elegant, every shot is beautiful. It’s a beautiful, beautiful movie. I’m so glad I didn’t mess it up.”

(Via Deadline)