Jeff Goldblum Recreated A Classic ‘Jurassic Park’ Scene With Sam Neill And Laura Dern

Jeff Goldblum made a promise to his Instagram followers: if 1,000 of them signed up to vote, he would reenact a “classic” scene from Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur masterpiece Jurassic Park (I have always wanted to use the phrase “dinosaur masterpiece”). Which classic scene? It didn’t matter, because every Jurassic Park scene is a classic scene.

“This election is wildly important, and you have the power to really make a difference,” the actor wrote. “But first, you’ve got to get Good to Vote! If 1,000 of you register to vote, or check your registration status, or request a mail-in ballot… I will recreate a classic Dr. Ian Malcolm moment from Jurassic Park.” Less than two days later, at least 1,000 people registered to vote, and Goldblum enlisted Sam Neill (and a drop-in from Laura Dern) to recreate the moment where Ian explains chaos theory to Ellie. Goldblum wrote:

That was fast! We’ve already hit 1,000 voting actions. As a reward, please enjoy this re-enactment of the “Chaos Theory” scene with my original costars @samneilltheprop and @lauradern! AND! If we get 1,000 more voting actions through @headcountorg (link in bio), I will post another classic Jurassic Park reenactment…

They should have done Nedry’s death scene, with Neill as Newman and Goldblum as the spitting dinosaur, but this is good, too. Anyway, here’s the original scene.

And here’s the reenactment.

Goldlbum, Dern, and Neill (who has the only good Twitter account) will reprise their characters in Jurassic World: Dominion, out on June 11, 2021.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)