Watch Sam Neill And Jeff Goldblum Sing A Duet On The ‘Jurassic Park: Dominion’ Set

While life amid the still-ongoing coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been great for anyone in the movie-making industry, one of the first films to resume operations seems to be going just swimmingly. Robert Pattinson’s reported COVID-19 positive on the set of The Batman has been a harsh reminder that the highly-contagious disease can infiltrate any set, but thus far there haven’t been any reported problems on the set of Jurassic Park: Dominion.

And now we know what some of the Jurassic Park crew have been doing in their spare time inside the dino bubble: singing songs. Labor Day brought us a lovely duet between Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum, posted on the former’s very lovely Twitter account. Simply given the message “I remember you,” the two then pull off a jazzy rendition of the Frank Ifield classic, with Goldblum on keys and Neill leading the way.

“I remember you, you’re the one who made my dreams come true,” the song goes. It was a delightful little tune, and it certainly got some fans very excited about the reunion of the Jurassic Park characters we’ll likely see on-screen once the movie is done filming. I mean, some people got really excited about this.

We’ll have to see if there’s a musical number in the next Jurassic Park, but now we know that it certainly is in the wheelhouse of two of the movie’s big stars.