Zack Snyder Has Revealed The Black Superman Suit That Will Appear In The Snyder Cut Of ‘Justice League’

This weekend’s Comic-Con International proceedings are (unavoidably) taking the form of pre-recorded Zoom conference calls that are going live this weekend. Highlights for upcoming releases included panels for The New Mutants, The Boys, and an enthused Keanu Reeves for both a Constantine anniversary and Bill and Ted Face the Music. Elsewhere, the Justice Con thing happened with multiple panels, including one where Zack Snyder shared a first look at Superman’s black suit in the Justice League Snyder Cut that will be released on HBO Max. Here it is in motion:


This GIF is part of a scene that shows Superman approaching Jeremy Irons’ Alfred while paying a visit to Bruce Wayne. It’s pretty much a blip but (notably) arrives in the wake of Snyder’s own admissions that this cut is “an entirely new thing,” not to mention an installment that won’t affect the DCEU, continuity-wise or otherwise. After this panel previewed the dark Superman suit, Snyder revealed that he pressed hard for the suit to appear in Justice League to no avail. The suit will finally get its moment, and recently, HBO Max also previewed a first look at the cut that teases Darkseid’s arrival.

During an earlier panel, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher doubled down on his previous criticism of theatrical cut director Joss Whedon, who completed the movie when Snyder stepped down due to a family tragedy. As for the full panel mentioned above, you can watch Snyder talk about the dark Superman suit after the 36:00 mark below.