A ‘Justice League’ Deleted Scene Shows What Superman Fans Are Waiting For

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02.09.18 4 Comments


There (probably) exists a longer cut of Justice League that, for better or worse, we’ll probably never see. Instead, DC fans will have to settle for “The Return of Superman,” an approximately two-minute sequence of deleted footage revolving around the Man of Steel. That’s it: no Wonder Woman, no Batman, no Aquaman — just Superman returning to a Kryptonian ship to retrieve his outfit.

Among the choices is a black suit, which Henry Cavill teased on Instagram. It’s not Superman’s most iconic look, but it’s an important one. As we wrote at the time, “Superman has a bit of a history of wearing black suits; he wore one when he came back from the dead in the comics and DC just recently had one of their Supermen flying around in a black suit before pulling on the blue costume we all know and love.” We never got to see the “cool looking” emo suit in the theatrical version, but you can watch the (likely Snyder-directed) bonus scene below.

Other features on the Justice League Blu-ray, which comes out March 13 (a digital copy will be available on February 13), includes a “Road to Justice” documentary feature about Justice League‘s role in popular culture and “Heart of Justice,” where the filmmakers discuss their love of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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