Zack Snyder Has Clarified Whether The ‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut Will Impact The DCEU

You’re probably aware that the Snyder Cut to Justice League is coming with a massive runtime (a topic that’s currently being recirculated in various reports and old tweets). It could be a four-hour director’s cut or maybe a six-chapter limited series, we really don’t know yet, officially, from HBO Max. However, Snyder has issued definitive word on how his version of the movie will dance around Joss Snyder’s theatrical cut, as well as how this might impact the future of the DCEU or retool what has happened already.

It’s a valid question, given that Snyder’s Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman helped plot out the DCEU as we know it, but in short, any modifications that take place with Snyder Cut shouldn’t really impact the DCEU at all. While speaking to Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph, Snyder reassured everyone that he’s not out to rewrite DCEU happenings that took place after his Justice League departure. Instead, he simply wants to finish the movie that he set out to make. Via The Playlist:

“Frankly, the DC cinematic universe has branched like a tree and blossomed and grown in amazing and great ways. But for me, where [‘Justice League’] falls, I believe that it really sort of represents its own path. It’s kind of separate now from the DC cinematic universe continuity. And I think that’s a good thing.”

It definitely sounds like Snyder’s filled with nothing but gratitude to be able to bring his Justice League vision to fans and has no intentions to disrupt the rest of the DCEU. All he wants to do is tie a bow on his chapter, given that he stepped down from finishing production when his daughter, Autumn, took her own life in 2017. Of course, Joss Whedon was hired to complete the movie, and Ray Fisher has made no secret of his distaste for what allegedly transpired on set following Snyder’s departure. As for Snyder’s perspective, he’s confining his talk to the project itself.

The Snyder Cut doesn’t have an official release date from HBO Max yet, but it’s all happening. You can watch Snyder’s full interview with Beyond The Trailer below.

(Via Beyond The Trailer & The Playlist)