Karl Urban Opened Up About His Deleted ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Scene That Sounds Like It Was Too Much For Marvel

Shortly before The Boys became a powerhouse hit for Amazon, Billy Butcher himself, Karl Urban, continued his streak as a yeoman genre actor by appearing as Skurge in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. In the film, Skurge betrays his fellow Asgardians and aligns himself with Cate Blanchett’s Hela as she slaughters her way through the godly realm.

While Skurge doesn’t do a whole lot in the Taika Waititi movie that turned the Thor franchise around, Urban recently revealed that there are deleted scenes that give his character much more of an arc. Although, judging by Urban’s description, we can see why it was left out of the PG-13 Marvel film. Via The Independent:

The scene in question follows a moment in which Skurge chops the head off a young girl in the Asgardian town square, at Hela’s command.

“Post that scene, there’s a scene which didn’t make the final cut, is he absolutely sickened to the core,” Urban revealed. “We find him in some corner. And he’s actually being physically sick by what he’s done. And that was really sort of the genesis for this turn that he takes, and the guilt that he feels about what he’s done, and how he’s going to, at the right point in time, make it right.”

Urban may not have had a chance to shine in Thor: Ragnarok, but he hit the jackpot with The Boys where he’s now clocked in three seasons as Billy Butcher in the Amazon series that’s definitely not afraid to go places. After wrapping up its brutal third season, The Boys is already hard at work filming Season 4, which the show’s official Twitter account with these photos of the cast on set:

The Boys is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

(Via The Independent)