Kate Winslet Recreated Her ‘Titanic’ Pose For Bear Grylls

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When was the last time you watched James Cameron’s “king of the world” acceptance speech at the Oscars? He’s never been the coolest guy in the room, despite making one of the coolest movies ever, but while parodying Jack’s ill-fated exuberance aboard the Titanic, he looks like the lamest dad wearing the lamest pair of khaki shorts at the lamest company retreat.

Much better is Leonardo DiCaprio’s original, or the “I’m Flying” scene, which Kate Winslet recreates, sort of, during tonight’s episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls. While dangling from a cliff, Kate responds to Bear asking “do you trust me?” with “you jump, I jump, right?”

She then adds, “Alright, come on, get me down this f*cking thing,” paraphrasing every single person who died on the Titanic, the original “this f*cking thing.”