Keanu Reeves Is Totally Cool With You Streaming ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ (But He Might Tease You About It First)

When it comes to the big debate over streaming movies or seeing them theaters, it’s probably no surprise that Keanu Reeves is completely chill about the whole thing as The Matrix Resurrections gets ready to hit both this week. However, Keanu apparently isn’t above messing with members of the media about the hot topic. While sitting down for a new interview with The Guardian, Reeves couldn’t help but have a little fun with writer Tom Lamont, who revealed he’d be watching the latest Matrix installment on his computer when it starts streaming on HBO Max:

Now he’s on a Zoom call with me, staring out from between his hands and asking: “What are you, crazy? You’re going to stream the new Matrix on a laptop?”

His harangue continues, getting louder (“My GOD, man”)and more eccentric (“I’m about to book a cinema for you, Thomas”) until some subtle, delicious shimmer behind his eyes lets me know that Reeves is teasing and has been all along. His hair sticks out at funny angles after all he’s pulled at it. He pats his knees, smiles, and says mildly: “I mean, sure, stream it if you have to.”

With a reputation as one of the nicest, most lovely actors around (Just ask, Lance Reddick), of course, Keanu isn’t sweating whether or not people watch The Matrix Resurrections in a theater or the safety of their homes. Heck, if he was nearby, he’d probably stop over with champagne and truffles. That’s just how he rolls.

The Matrix Resurrections opens in theaters and HBO on December 22.

(Via The Guardian)