Keira Knightley Had A ‘Creepy’ Encounter With A ‘Love Actually’ Fan While Stuck In Traffic

Love Actually is part of the Christmas movie canon (even though it’s not very good), and the film’s most memorable moment involves Keira Knightley, Andrew Lincoln in his pre-Rick Grimes era, and a bunch of notecards. The scene has been parodied a million times, including by Saturday Night Live, Dua Lipa, and Gritty, and it also inspired a “creepy” encounter between Knightley and an overzealous fan of the romantic-comedy.

“I did actually get stuck in traffic once and someone in the car next to me did the whole sign thing,” the actress told Yahoo! Entertainment while discussing Love Actually‘s legacy. “It was quite creepy, but it was also quite [laughs]… It was a bit awkward being stuck in traffic next it. But it was also quite sweet, there was nothing [scary].” Knightley added, “[It was] creepy, yeah [laughs]. I mean, it would have been much better if I could have just driven straight off, but I couldn’t. We were very much stuck there for awhile.”

Knightley should have responded to the fan with a notecard that read, “To Me, You Are Creepy.” It’s what Lincoln probably would have done.

“He is a stalker,” the actor said about his character. “That was my question to [director] Richard Curtis, ‘Do you not think we’re sort of borderline stalker territory here?’ And he said, ‘No, no. Not with you playing it, darling. You’ll be alright.’” Richard Curtis was wrong (not for the first time, either).

(Via Yahoo! Entertainment)