Kevin Bacon Talks The Behind-The-Scenes Trouble With His Classic Death From ‘Friday The 13th’

Kevin Bacon visited the Late Show With David Letterman this past Friday (the 13th) and reminisced about that one time he worked on the original Friday the 13th. Bacon played a young man named Jack Burrel in the classic slasher film and is memorialized as (spoiler alert!) having one of the most memorable deaths of the entire film

After a particular sex scene, Jack “sparks up a fattie” and meets his maker by getting an arrow to the neck. According to Bacon, they were able to shoot the bloody scene in one take, but not all was peachy.

It turns out, he learned quickly after they got the shot that the fake blood in his mouth contained developing fluid. Practical effects, am I right?!

(Source: Late Show With David Letterman)