Kevin Conroy Has A Few Issues With ‘Batman V Superman’

The criticism surrounding Batman V Superman has been widely reported, from the open letters online to an Honest Trailer that keeps it brutally honest. But now we’ve got some criticism from Batman himself, Kevin Conroy. Much like The Joker IS Mark Hamill, it’s hard to think about Batman without giving the nod to Conroy and his iconic performance as the caped crusader over the years. If anybody would know the ins and outs of how Batman would operate as a character, it’d be Conroy.

In an interview with IGN that lays out his advice on being the caped crusader, Conroy points out that he’s uncomfortable with the way Affleck and company handled the character on the screen:

“Personally I love the fact that Batman – in the stories I’ve done, and the way he’s been rendered by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, the people I’ve worked with most closely – he never kills anybody. He doesn’t cross that line. Batman is not a killer.

“He puts them into Arkham Asylum, which is what is so brilliant about the Arkham Games – someone realised, ‘my god, all these incredible villains are all in the same institution – let’s get a video game in there’. It’s a brilliant idea. But the fact that Batman never kills anyone – I loved that fact.

“In the most recent live action movie, that seems to have been a line that was crossed and it’s not one I’m particularly comfortable with.”

Batman certainly doesn’t seem to mind death at all in the new Zack Snyder films. Even Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, he seemed to battle with the idea a bit more than Ben Affleck did ahead of his fight with Superman. He didn’t even bother to think of a way to stop Superman without killing him, opting instead to stab him with a big pike.

You have to at least acknowledge the opinion of the guy who portrayed the character in some form for over 20 years. He’s earned some of the opinion.

(Via IGN)