Kevin Smith Detailed His Quarantine Daydream About Pulling Off A Marvel-Style Physique

Kevin Smith’s a few years out from the massive heart attack that prompted his lifestyle overhaul, including a dramatic weight loss. Yet since many people are finding it hard to curb food cravings during these isolating times, he’s opening up on that continued struggle and more. The Clerks filmmaker spoke with the Hollywood Reporter to reveal how he let things slide — as one does in quarantine — for a few weeks before realizing that he needed to regroup with discipline to avoid returning to heart-attack city.

A measured approach with occasional vegan ice cream binges appears to be the groove that Smith has settled into, but not before he imagined what it would be like to emerge from quarantine like the next coming of The Eternals‘ Kumail Nanjiani. You know, all ripped and wearing a hockey jersey as a bandanna along with, of course, jorts. Wouldn’t that be something? Smith says he briefly considered this possibility and then thought better of the daydream:

There was, like, one day where I was like, “You know, you could totally pour yourself into a regimen and f*cking build serious muscle and then just stay off the internet for a while, and then when we’re released into the real world, just rock ’em with these f*cking pictures!” But, you know, I’m not in a Marvel movie.

It’d certainly be a transformation to behold, but man, these sorts of bodybuilding regimes are difficult to sustain. Just ask Kumail, who appears to be over the body-talk in favor of breaking his silence on nerd-loincloth and fantasy-swashbuckler movies.

On Smith’s part, his entire quarantine chat with Hollywood Reporter is worth checking out. He admits to realizing that “I must be an attention whore at heart,” which is a more self-aware state than a lot of people hold these days. He’s looking forward to getting back on stage and in cinemas, but for now, you can read the rest of the piece here.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)