‘Knives Out’ Fans Have Some Really Great Title Ideas For The Movie’s Sequel

Rian Johnson’s Knives Out failed to hit it big at the Oscars on Sunday, but the good news kept coming for the movie beloved by fans who were transfixed by the modern day whodunit. The movie officially cracked $300 million at the box office on Tuesday, an impressive haul for an original project. But that original script is in the process of becoming a franchise in its own right, with a sequel in the works.

Johnson told Variety on Sunday at the Oscars that it will follow Benoit Blanc, the perceptive detective from the film.

“It’s going to be Daniel (Craig) playing Benoit Blanc, the detective. Other than that, all bets are off. It’s a totally new cast,” Johnson told Variety.

Little else is known about the movie, but that won’t stop speculation by people excited for the sequel. On Tuesday the movie’s official Twitter account solicited title ideas for a Knives Out sequel.

What followed were a lot of really good suggestions for a sequel title, and some hilarious ones that will never be used. This, for example, is an incredible Monsters Inc. reference.

Others were good references, too.

This one has some real potential.

Meanwhile, this one has a whole slew of sequels ready with a Fast & Furious-style naming convention.

Seems more like a casting decision more than a title here, but it’s worth considering.

As a number of people pointed out, Johnson may have already came up with a fitting sequel title many months ago.

Either way, there are a lot of people willing to check out the exploits of Benoit Blanc no matter what it’s called. Hopefully we’ll learn more about just what he’ll be doing — and who he will be investigating — soon enough.