The Poster For ‘Spencer,’ Featuring Kristen Stewart As Princess Diana, Is Already Being Called The ‘Poster Of The Year’

Like The Batman, the trailer for Spencer, starring Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana of Wales, played at CinemaCon, but hasn’t been released to the public yet. However, those in attendance who saw the footage say that the actress “will be getting an Oscar nomination for her performance” and that she’s “going all out for that Oscar glory” and… basically, there’s a lot of Oscar talk, which I would normally dismiss considering it’s based on five minutes of out-of-context footage. But Stewart proved with Personal Shopper and Clouds of Sils Maria that she’s more than capable of giving an award-worthy performance (working with director Pablo Larraín, who won Best International Feature Film for A Fantastic Woman, doesn’t hurt, either).

Entertainment Weekly has more on the trailer:

Underscored by a piano-based score overlaid with sounds of a children’s choir, the trailer features shots of the opulent life surrounding Diana, from the decadent food, to the gorgeous clothes, to the royal family seated at a long dinner table. There are various shots of Diana, who doesn’t utter but a few words in the trailer, looking miserable as she spins, dances, and runs from her troubles on the Sandringham estate.

Neon also released a poster for Spencer. It’s appropriately dramatic.

Can there be an Oscar for Best Poster? There should be.

The first thing I thought of when I saw the poster was Jennifer Lawrence tripping at the Oscars, but people on Twitter had other ideas. Get ready for Twilight memes.

Spencer opens on November 5.