Kumail Nanjiani Tears Into Junk Food For The First Time Since Getting Ripped For ‘The Eternals’

By now, you’re probably aware that Kumail Nanjiani got absolutely ripped for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming The Eternals. This transformation arrived as a result of a grueling regimen: daily workouts and a nearly no-carb diet. That’s a difficult combination for anyone to sustain (not everyone wants to live on the weight bench like The Rock), but it’s also a prerequisite if an actor wants to go the franchise route these days, even if it’s not a too-actiony role. Nanjiani brought it to the degree that even his co-stars were amazed, and Jimmy Kimmel was more than happy to help him lose it.

After over a year without eating pizza or cake, this happened on Thursday night.

Via Jimmy Kimmel Live

Oh boy. Kimmel (who lost a fair chunk of weight years ago) knows what temptation feels like. And this moment looks, you know, real? Meaning that Kumail didn’t know this was coming in front of an audience. I realize that after the big James Corden revelation this week about fake driving on Carpool Karoake, it’s difficult to believe that anything is genuine on late night TV, but I’m going with real on this one.

Well, maybe Kimmel warned his team, but Kumail’s reaction — after Kimmel cruelly dropped an assortment of cake around his head and a pizza arrived in his lap — makes it all look authentic. His reaction to actually eating the decadent carbs was definitely real. A tremble! Hopefully, he can hop back on the wagon without a major backslide. Cheat meals are good, and as Kumail declared, “Pizza is really good!” Truth.

The Eternals arrives in theaters on November 6.