Lady Gaga Says She Shot Some Hanky Panky Scenes With Another Cast Member For ‘House Of Gucci’ That Wound Up On The Cutting Room Floor

Last fall, few went to go see Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel. But a lot of people went to go see Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci, even though it wasn’t one of those superhero movies the director so despises. And why not? It had Jared Leto delivering both the film’s hammiest performance and the most accurate Italian accent. And it had Lady Gaga, who got so into the role of duplicitous Patrizia Reggiani that she thought the woman she was playing sicced “large swarms of flies” after her.

Now we’re learning more about scenes that were cut from a movie that’s already 12 minutes longer than Goodfellas. During a panel discussion, one person had a question for Salma Hayek, who plays hack fortune teller Giuseppina “Pina” Auriemma, about her time working with Gaga. Hayek said the two had a “delicious relationship,” and she apologized that people “didn’t get to see all of the scenes” that wound up being eliminated.

Gaga interjected, saying that the two characters “developed a sexual relationship.” It was something the two basically improvised. “This is a testament to [Scott] as a director because he allowed us to go there, and I remember being on set with Salma and going, ‘So after Maurizio [Adam Driver’s character, whom Patrizia has whacked] dies, maybe it gets hot?’ And she was like, ‘What are you talking about?’”

“You think she’s kidding,” Hayek added.

Gaga wasn’t sure if those scenes would ever see the light of day, saying, “Director’s cut, who knows.”

So there you have it. Not only can Ridley Scott, who’s 84, film two incredibly long movies back-to-back, one of them during a pandemic, but he’ll keep shooting scenes that may never make the final cut, just because his actors think it may be fun.

(Via IndieWire)