Leah Remini Is Accusing Tom Cruise Of Staging His Profanity-Laced Rant At MI:7 Crewmembers: ‘This Is All For Publicity’

After a recording was published of Tom Cruise tearing into Mission: Impossible 7 crew members for not following COVID rules, the actor has been praised by pandemic-weary people, who were happy to hear someone saying what they’ve been thinking, and with a whole lot of F-bombs. However, not everyone is quick to laud Cruise as a public health hero.

In a lengthy open letter, Leah Remini has accused Cruise of staging the whole thing for publicity. Her reasoning? As a former, high-ranking member of the Church of Scientology, Remini has been inside the belly of a beast, including having close contact with Cruise, and she’s seen this before. Via The Underground Bunker:

Tom does not care about the families of his crew; this is all for publicity. Tom does not believe in family values. I mean, how anyone is falling for this is just mindblowing. I would bet that Tom had this rant written for him and had his Scientology assistant record and release it. Hearing a rich actor with enormous power address his crew in this way is a sign of weakness and a deeply troubled person. This is not just a rant of another asshole actor. Tom Cruise pretending that he cares is why a few have called him out. They know this is a publicity stunt, they know what Tom really is and what Tom really believes.

Remini finds Cruise’s rant especially disingenuous because Scientology leader David Miscaviage has stated in internal documents that the pandemic is a hoax. On top of that, the church preaches that illness is a result of being in contact with a suppressive person, and therefore, they don’t subscribe to germ theory.

“When you are sick in Scientology, you are sent to the Ethics Department. You are in fact in trouble for being sick,” Remini writes. “If you have anything from a cold to cancer in Scientology it means you must be connected to an SP. You are immediately interrogated to see if you have read or seen anything that exposes Scientology, you are interrogated to see if you are connected to anyone or anything that is anti-Scientology.”

Remini wraps up her letter by saying this stunt is just more proof of Cruise’s allegedly abusive behavior, which she’s witnessed several times before, including a rant over chocolate chip cookies. “So, my short answer to how I feel about yet another one of Tom’s psychotic rants being exposed? I am getting ‘small dick energy’ from Tom and men like him.”

(Via The Underground Bunker)