Liam Hemsworth Gets On Vince Vaughn’s Bad Side In The Trailer For ‘Arkansas’

Movies are in a state of flux right now, with one upcoming blockbuster pulled from the upcoming release calendar after another, from the new Bond movie being bumped till November to Fast and Furious 9 getting delayed almost a year. But you know what’s not broken? Streaming! It may be a good while until you can see a new movie in a movie theater, but there are always the smaller titles that get day-and-date releases both in theaters and on places like Apple, Amazon, iTunes, etc.

This is a way of saying that, on May 1 — the early days of what may or may not be the summer movie season — you’ll at least be able to watch Arkansas, a star-studded semi-comedic crime movie that may or may not play limited theaters. But that’s okay, sort of, as it’ll definitely be available to rent online, long as there’s still internet.

The film’s trailer centers around low-level subordinates (Liam Hemsworth and Clark Duke) to a kingpin named Frog, who’s played by a scenery-chewing Vince Vaughn. The pair poses as park rangers by day and run drugs at night, but it all threatens to fall apart after Frog turns on our heroes, turning what looks like a quirky crime caper into something darker and nastier.

It sure looks like it hails from another era, perhaps from the immediately post-Pulp Fiction era of Tarantino knock-offs, although minus the cocksure swagger, pop culture references or ’70s AM radio deep cuts. In any case, it features supporting turns from a game-looking John Malkovich, Vivica A. Fox, and Michael K. Williams, and perhaps in a month-and-a-half it’ll be the only movie game in town.