Here’s How ‘Logan’ Holds Its Own Within The ‘X-Men’ Movie Timeline According To James Mangold

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10.21.16 9 Comments

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The first trailer for Logan gave us a very different look at the X-Men universe and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. The influences from Old Man Logan are very real, peeling away that all-star future from the comics for something that seems a little more reserved and a little more personal. In the latest issue of Empire, director James Mangold went through the trailer and explained some of his decisions and how Logan will fit in with the other Jackman films that have preceded it.

If you’re looking for firm connections within the X-Men films, the time has come to realize that it doesn’t really matter for them as much as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They have that thin connection, but in the end, it’s going to be a singular experience from film to film. Logan will be no different:

“We are in the future, we have passed the point of the epilogue of Days Of Future Past,” is all that Mangold will admit about the timing of this film…

“We’re finding all these characters in circumstances that are a little more real. The questions of ageing, of loneliness, of where I belong. Am I still useful to the world? I saw it as an opportunity. We’ve seen these characters in action, saving the universe. But what happens when you’re in retirement and that career is over? The really interesting thing to me, or a place to dig that hadn’t been dug, was the idea of mutants when they’re no longer useful to the world, or even sure if they can do what they used to do. Their powers are diminished like all of ours are by age.”

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