Hell Yeah, ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ Will Gyrate Into Movie Theaters In 2023

The last time we checked in on those shirtless dancers over at Magic Mike HQ, it seemed like the upcoming installment was going to skip the theatrical release and dance head first into living rooms via HBO Max. Then…a bunch of stuff happened and suddenly the future of HBO Max became a little more uncertain. But! There is good news! The sweaty men of Magic Mike will be getting their big screen premiere after all.

Deadline broke the incredible news that Magic Mike’s Last Dance will head to theaters over Super Bowl weekend on February 10th, 2023. If there’s anything that goes well together, it’s shirtless men and football, right?

While the details of the movie are mostly under wraps, director Steven Soderbergh recently gave a sneak peek into what fans can expect from the third installment in the franchise, which stars Channing Tatum alongside Salma Hayek, who replaced Thandiwe Newton while filming earlier this spring.

“The movie is sort of a fictionalized procedural on how Mike comes up with the idea of a show — and then the obstacles, of which there are many, to trying to realize his vision of what this new thing could be.” Soderbergh explained, adding “It’s a variation on All That Jazz.” Hopefully, Warner Bros will announce some Rocky Horror Picture Show-esque showings with dancing in the aisle. It’s what we deserve after Tom Cruise single-handedly brought movie theaters back from the dead using nothing but his own two hands and a plane.

(Via Deadline)