Maisie Williams Insists That ‘The New Mutants’ Is A Good Movie Despite Being Delayed For Years

We’re coming perilously close to the two-year anniversary of when the world was first supposed to see The New Mutants, the X-Men spin-off-of-sorts following a gaggle of youths with new genetically freaky powers. First there were re-shoots, then there was that pesky merger between (since renamed) parent company 20th Century Fox and Disney, which kept punting the release further and even raised the possibility of dumping it on Disney+. But it officially has a release date (April 3) that may be too close to change. Should we be worried? Not according to one of its stars, Maisie Williams.

The Game of Thrones vet was speaking to Radio Times, and she was adamant that, even though she shot it back in 2017, that it was of high quality. “It’s been a long time coming, we shot it many years ago, but I’m really proud of it finally coming out,” Williams said, adding that she saw it “a couple of weeks ago” with fellow cast members, including Anya Taylor-Joy and Charlie Heaton. In fact, here’s proof.

Williams claims the reason for the delay was more about bureaucratic migraines. “It was a lot to do with the merger, I think it [the film] had a really bad rep and people thought there was going to be something wrong with it,” she said. “But I honestly think it was just really badly affected by something that was out of our control.” Williams added:

“There’s so many things about it that are progressive and new for a story of this kind … We’ve seen so many superhero films and I think New Mutants really prides itself on being more of a thriller… we’re not heroes, we’re kids that are trying to figure it all out and I think that’s really relatable to the young people of today.”

In other Maisie Williams news, as per The Huffington Post, you can watch a more recent performance from the actress: the ominously titled British comedy series Two Weeks to Live. The erstwhile Arya Stark plays a young woman with a shady past who’s escaped from the clutches of her overbearing mother, only to fall into trouble with a murderous gangster and the police. You can watch the trailer for the show, which has yet to secure a release date, below:

(Via Radio Times and HuffPo)