‘Matrix’ Lines For When You Think The World Might Be A Simulation

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While usually we feel concrete and firm in our connection to reality, sometimes, there’s a moment, just a moment, where that connection slips. Something seems wrong, or goes against our intuition, or acts out of character. It’s enough to make you wonder… are we living in The Matrix? These lines from the 1999 iconic Wachowski film are perfect when you realize that that might be so.

“Free Your Mind”

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We constantly need a reminder to think outside of what we view is possible. It frees us to achieve more, to dream bigger, to accomplish tasks that seem truly impossible. Only by letting go of our biases, our misconceptions, and our fears can we reach for what’s most important. Of course, Morpheus undercuts this a little by jumping off a skyscraper immediately afterward, so, you know, maybe free your mind in respect to improving your diet or getting out more.

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